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Imagine a world with no gun accidents.  None.  Zero.  Security and safety for all, proper training in the use and storage of firearms,  That’s our goal – and you can help make it happen!          

Our flagship service is a free beginner’s handgun safety class where anyone can learn the basics of firearm operation and the responsibilities of gun ownership.  Though TFSA was formed less than a year ago, we have developed our own comprehensive curriculum and have begun our training classes.               

We have met too many parents who own a firearm to protect their families but lack the time or money to invest in training.  These parents desperately want to keep their children safe but did not have access to affordable firearm training – until now. We need your help to ensure TFSA can fulfill the dream of no gun accidents – ever.

Please help us reach as many people as we can with our life-saving classes.  Your generosity will make a real difference in the lives of your Tennessee neighbors – and will help make all our communities safer!          

TFSA is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization that is dedicated to reducing accidental firearm injuries and deaths in Tennessee by providing access to firearm safety training, building awareness of safe firearm handling and storage, and advocating for responsible and law-abiding ownership of firearms. we are extremely enthusiastic about TFSA and our goal of no gun accidents – ever.  We hope you agree, and will support our mission for a safer and more secure world for you, your family, and all our Tennessee neighbors.

Donate online or write check payable to "TFSA" and mail to:   TFSA 1120 Straightway Ave Nashville, TN 37206


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