Beginner's Handgun Safety Education

Location: Stones River Hunter Education Center 2618 Hobson Pike Antioch, TN 37013

Length: 3 hours                   Class Size: 6-10

Cost: FREE (ammo, handguns, and safety gear all provided free of charge)       

***This is NOT a Carry Permit class***         

Whether you have never held a handgun or are a gun-owner who wants to learn more about responsible firearm ownership, this class will be fun, engaging, and educational. At TFSA, we believe that firearm education should include more than just how to shoot a gun. Our class includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training that will equip students to know what to do with a handgun as well as what NOT to do with a handgun. Most importantly, we teach our students how to be responsible gun owners that make our communities a safer place for everyone.

·         The class will begin in a classroom where students will learn the basics of handgun operation and safety along with other important subjects like storage and transportation, self-defense issues and concealed carrying, and shooting range rules and etiquette. Students will also be taught proper grip, stance, and aiming techniques prior to shooting.

·         After a brief break, the students will be brought to an outdoor shooting range where they will review the fundamental rules of firearm safety and rules of the range. Students will then practice the skills they have learned with the guidance and supervision of trained handgun instructors.

·         Students may train on their own handgun, but will also have the opportunity to try at least five other handguns to experience the many differences between them.

·         After the range instruction, students may visit a “cleaning and maintenance” booth where they will be taught how best to clean and oil their gun after use.

·         Students may also visit a “quick access storage” booth where they can test out products to help them meet the immense responsibility of properly storing and transporting firearms to ensure that firearms don’t wind up in the hands of children or criminals. **This booth is still in development as we try to find manufacturers willing to donate their products.**

·         Additionally, students may visit a booth where they will be able to test out different types of carry holsters for different sized handguns to help them determine what they are most comfortable with. ** This booth is also still in development**