At heart, TFSA is a collaborative organization. We view our long-term success as wholly dependent upon our ability to work with other groups and evolve based up0n the feedback we get from our students. The most common response we have received thus far has been requesting us to expand the number of beginner's classes we offer and to develop our own educational literature. Here are some examples of the encouragement we are getting from others!

TFSA Instructors w/ Scott Ridgway

TFSA Instructors w/ Scott Ridgway

Scott Ridgway, Ex. Dir., TN Suicide Prevention Network

“We appreciate TFSA’s inclusion of suicide prevention information in its firearm safety training courses—something many courses avoid talking about, yet is crucial to anyone who owns a gun. The course provides suicide prevention materials. TFSA has also helped with our agency’s Gun Safety Project, providing gun shops and firing ranges with suicide prevention information for their customers."

Tawanda Johnson-McDonald

"First of all I would like to personally thank Logan and his team for a great experience with the firearm safety class. During the time when my daughter was in the home, my husband, and I chose to not have guns in the home. Now that we are 'empty nesters', our decision has changed. I had never fired a firearm before or gone through a firearm safety class. The teaching material, hands on training, and materials were second to none. It was truly beyond my expectations. There were at least 5 to 6 other instructors who assisted each person on safety to ensure you didn’t accidently hurt yourself and others. They were “all about safety”. In addition it was great to receive additional information on firearms being the #1 leading object used to commit suicide. I would highly recommend the TN firearm safety class to my family and friends. They made this the best experience ever as a beginner and increased my level of comfort with firearms."