A Message from our President


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this exciting new organization! The first thing I’d love to tell you about is how this nonprofit got started. Over the past few years, most of my friends and I have gotten married and started families. As we’ve settled down and taken more responsibility for protecting our homes and families, security and self-defense have become more serious and urgent concerns to us than ever before.

Many of the most effective precautions we can take to protect ourselves don’t involve firearms at all. Getting to know our neighbors, installing a security system, and adopting loud dogs are all ways we can keep our homes and families safe. However, there are many people for whom these measures are insufficient for the peace of mind we all seek, and they choose to purchase a firearm to ensure their family's protection.

This organization serves BOTH categories of people: those who choose to become gun-owners and those who do not. When a gun-owner practices responsible habits in regard to storage, maintenance, and use of their firearms then they are safer as are those around them. Our mission is to build confidence and trust among both groups and share an appreciation for the value of responsible gun safety habits.

 We at TFSA set out to create a one-of-a-kind gun safety organization that doesn’t require you to own or be passionate about guns to be welcomed. We want to provide everyone with a place they can go to learn about more than just how to hit what they’re aiming at.

But we need your help. Providing free training events is a cost-intensive enterprise. Whether you make a donation or just help us spread the word and get others involved, you are helping make Tennessee a safer place for everyone.

Let’s work together to save lives.

- Logan Grant  President, Tennessee Firearm Safety Alliance 

- Logan Grant

President, Tennessee Firearm Safety Alliance